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The Mocktail Project is a public-spirited movement (501c3) focused on creating a safer, more inclusive, stigma-free drinking culture where mocktails & cocktails can co-exist.



Hey friends, meet Jesse, the founder of The Mocktail Project. Our passion towards creating a safer and more inclusive drinking culture was inspired based on his personal struggle as a 25 year old non-drinker navigating his way through early sobriety.



In 2017, on our founders' sobriety date, The Mocktail Project became official when we mixed and muddled our very first mocktail.  Our founder, Jesse Hawkins, wanted to create a mission that makes it comfortable for everyone to feel welcomed in all social environments, whether you do, or you don’t imbibe.

As a public-spirited 501c3, we are focused on providing elevated and mindful alternative drink options in all social environments. A mission that resonates with the more than 30% of Americans that make the personal choice not to consume alcohol on any given day.  It’s our founders' belief that by creating a safer and more inclusive drinking culture we can provide a platform for individuals to live freely in a stigma-free drinking society.

The Mocktail Project is a movement helping to create social environments where mocktails & cocktails can co-exist. Through curated events hosted by our team & our wonderful community partnerships, TMP is proud that we have the opportunity to provide long-term recovery tools and resources, promote safe ride initiatives, and champion a better drinking culture throughout our community and within our hospitality industry. #shareamocktail


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Whether you prefer the term mocktail, spirit-free, or zero-proof cocktail, The Mocktail Project is a movement to help ensure that all social environments provide access to high-quality, non-alcoholic options for when individuals choose not to imbibe.