Creating Socail Enviroments Where Mocktails & Cocktails Can Co-Exist

Planting a seed for our future. 




Starting a movement that will resonate with our youth has been a  goal of our founder since the very first mocktail we created was served. It was his personal struggle during his youth that led him down a path of darkness for a very long time. Our dream is to one day host safe and fun social events for universities across the nation who’s student body has been affected by an unhealthy drinking culture.




As our movement grows so too shall our resources.  The S.V. Foundation's core mission is to help provide recovery tools & resources throughout our community.  We aim to fund long-term recovery initiatives and help to cultivate a better drinking culture through education and community events.  



Although THE MOCKTAIL PROJECT is a grassroots founded in Louisville Kentucky, we are on a mission to one day give you an opportunity to order a crafted non-alcoholic beverage in your social setting of choice, regardless where you live.  
To help grow THE MOCKTAIL PROJECT we are seeking restaurants, coffee shops, or other social environments that understand the importance to be more mindful.