A Drink For You: 2018

A movement based around zero-proof cocktails. Founded by a non-drinker. A charity social raising money for recovery one would think the first item to be eliminated from the to-do-list would be alcohol right?  Well, for Hawkins, founder of The Mocktail Project, alcohol certainly wasn't eliminated from the to-do-list. He actually believed it would have gone against everything The Mocktail Project within community.  For him, it would have felt fake if A Drink for You didn't highlight great cocktails & mocktails crafted to be enjoyed together, resposbily, 


Hawkins is a firm believer that by not providing more options such as mocktails in social environments it can actually be just as much of a trigger for the non-drinker or person in recovery as being around alcohol to begin with.  He shares this belief through his own person recovery story of being teased for not drinking, or being handed a different glass than others who are consuming alcohol. A Drink for You was created to both raise aid for recovery but also to be a blueprint for other charity & social events that inclusion truly elevates us all.


When floating around the idea to host a charity event called "A Drink for You," Hawkins said the entire goal was to make everyone feel welcomed, drink in hand, a drink option of their choice.  

For Hawkins and The Mocktail Project, A Drink for You was much more than a fundraiser. It was celebration of being inclusion and providing more options in social spaces. Mocktails, cocktails and coffee paired with dishes from local chefs, live music, and the inaugural celebrity Mockoff Mocktail Competition highlighted a beautiful night with wonderful friends & family throughout our community. 


Inspired by S.V. Foundation founder Jesse Hawkins’ personal struggle to find inclusion as a non-drinker and individual in active recovery, A Drink For You will fund recovery efforts through the Morton Center and The Healing Place of Louisville Kentucky. 

The event itself would not have been possible without the help of our good friends the of the project, Mint Julep Tours, Kentucky Distillers’ Association, Brown-Forman Corporation Copper & Kings, and Town Brand Bourbon with support from RE’AL Mixers, Bourbon Barrel Foods and Heine Brothers’ Coffee, and Beer Syrup Company. 

A Drink for You is an annual charity social mixer that will be held once again in March of 2019. 


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