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There are a million reasons why a person may choose not to drink alcohol; Because of this. . .

We started this for you, and for your friend, brother or sister, mother and father. This is for the pregnant mom, designated driver, person in recovery, and for the non-drinker. This is for every time you were handed a different glass than everyone else in the room. To providing a drink option for everyone during life's greatest celebrations.  This is for everyone who has ever been teased, asked what is wrong with them, got called lame, boring, no fun, or didn't get invited to the bar, big game, or the concert. This is for providing more options for everyone. Being better. More mindful. Inclusive.  This is for starting a new era of drinking. One that can be enjoyed by everyone, together. 



our story

On April 16, 2017, in a local bar in our hometown of Louisville Kentucky, we hosted our very first event centered around mocktails. It was on that date our founder celebrated three years from the very day he chose to become a non-drinker. It was that same choice that led him to creating “The Mocktail Project” as a solution to answering one extremely important question in his life. Why should choosing not to drink alcohol leave you with a no fun, flavorless, unimaginative drink option when the same ingredients of any traditional cocktail is readily available in most social environments?



We partner with restauranteurs, event planners, and our wonderful spirits industry to provide more options for when you choose not to drink alcohol. We create bold & flavorful new recipes that can be enjoyed by everyone. We host curated experiences & enjoy pouring drinks at your most important moments in life. Most importantly to us, we aim to provide recovery tools & resources for our community & in the hospitably industry through our events & community partnerships.


Friends of the Project

Help support our friends; proudly making a difference in our community.


 A percentage of every mocktail ordered helps to provide recovery tools & resources for our community & throughout the hospitality industry.


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