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Personalized Drink Recipes

Looking for a unique and mindful way to impress your guest at your next event? With more than 30% of Americans who choose not to imbibe in America, there is a good chance that a number your guest would enjoy an elevated mocktail experience! From weddings to cooperate events, there is no event too small or large to serve a great mocktail. Our goal is to help create a great experience, not just a great recipe.


Custom Bar Service &

Mocktail Experience

Are you looking to create a more inclusive social environment at your next event? Did you know that 1/3 potential guest that will attend your event may not imbibe at all and more than 50% of your potential guest will consume less than two alcoholic beverages at your event? Chances are, creating a custom bar experience featuring signature mocktails will be a sure hit. We have worked with groups as small as 15 individuals to collaborating with global brands to create social environments where mocktails and cocktails can co-exist.

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Community Partner

Are you a brand or organization that would like to be more proactive in helping to create a safer and more inclusive drinking culture in your community and organization? We focus on the development of long-term community partnerships to increase employee and community awareness surrounding health & wellness and championing a better drinking culture through event activations, social media campaigns, and on-premise employee education & workshops. We want to help provide practical solutions tailored specific for your corporate and social responsibilities


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“No one should ever hesitate when walking towards a bar and think to themselves, I wonder if there will be a drink option for me without alcohol.”
— Jesse Hawkins, Founder